NameDateSpeech Topic
Lorie Logan, Executive Vice President, Markets Group, New York Federal Reserve Bank12/1/20“A Return to Operating with Abundant Reserves” – Webinar
Torsten Slok, Chief Economist for Apollo Global Management10/22/20"A Forward View of the US Economy, with Special Insights with Regards to Inflation"
Thomas Barkin, President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond9/24/20“The Economy, and the Question of Inflation”
Robert Kaplan, President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas6/15/20“The Economic Impact of Covid-19 and How the Country Will Move Forward” – Webinar:  Click Here
Simon Potter, Senior Fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics5/7/20“Securing Macroeconomic and Monetary Stability with a Federal Reserve–backed digital currency”
Daleep Singh, EVP and head of the Markets Group, Federal Reserve Bank of New York4/17/20“Implementing the Fed’s Facilities: Moving at Maximum Speed with Maximum Care” – Webinar: Click Here
Randal K. Quarles, Vice Chair for Supervision and member of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System2/6/20“Monetary Policy and Economic Outlook”
Raphael Bostic, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta11/7/19
James Grant, Founder of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer9/24/19"Musings on the Unintended Consequences of Ultra Low Interest Rates"
Frederic Mishkin, Alfred Lerner professor of Banking and Financial Institutions, Graduate School of Business, Columbia University6/20/19“Will the Fed be Politicized”
Lorie K. Logan, Senior Vice President and head of Market Operations Monitoring and Analysis, Federal Reserve Bank of New York4/17/19“Observations on Implementing Monetary Policy in an Ample-Reserves Regime”
Ester L. George, President and Chief Executive Officer, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City3/27/19“Economic and Monetary Policy OutlooK”
Sayee Srinivasan, Deputy Director, Risk Surveillance, CFTC2/6/19“Libor Replacement – The current CFTC view with a fireside discussion of unresolved points as to how a transition may occur from here”
Richard H. Clarida, Vice Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System1/10/19“Monetary Policy Outlook for 2019”
Kyle Bass, Founder & Chief Investment Officer of Hayman Capital Management12/3/18“China’s Tale of Two Currencies”
Loretta Mester, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland10/25/18“The Economic Outlook, Monetary Policy, and Normal Policymaking Now and in the Future” – Webinar: Click  Here
Peter Fisher, A Senior Lecturer at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College10/11/18“The Great Escape: Why the dual mandate is not enough.”
Craig S. Phillips, U.S. Department of the Treasury6/26/18“Capital Markets Regulation in the Trump Administration”
Counselor to the Secretary
François Villeroy de Galhau, Governor of the Banque de France4/18/18“A French View on European Growth and Reforms”
Prof. Martin Feldstein, Harvard University4/11/18“The Outlook for the US Economy and the Trade Conflict with China”
Prof. Joachim Wuermeling, Executive Board Member of the Deutsche Bundesbank3/28/18“Current challenges in Europe – a central banker’s perspective”
Lael Brainard, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System3/6/18“Economic and Monetary Policy Outlook”
Ari Paul, Tim McCourt and David Yermack2/21/18Cryptocurrency Panel
Gertjan Vlieghe, Member of the Monetary Policy Committee1/24/18“Real interest rates and risk”
Carolyn Wilkins, Senior Deputy Governor, Bank of Canada11/15/17“Embracing Uncertainty in the Conduct of Monetary Policy”
Lord Mervyn King, Professor of Economics and Law, NYU Stern School of Business11/1/17
Eric Rosengren, President Federal Reserve Bank of Boston9/27/17 “Trends and Transitory Shocks”
William Dudley, President Federal Reserve Bank of New York9/7/17 “The U.S. Economic Outlook and the Implications for Monetary Policy”
Charles Evans, President Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago6/19/17 “Monetary Policy Challenges in a New Inflation Environment”
Narayana Kocherlakota, Professor of Economics at University of Rochester5/31/17 “The Fed shouldn’t be afraid of Growth”
Lorie Logan, Deputy SOMA Manager, New York Federal Reserve5/18/17 “Implementing Monetary Policy: Perspective from the Open Market Trading Desk”
Gary Clyde Hufbauer, Reginald Jones Senior Fellow4/17/17
David Benson2/23/17“Fannie Mae: Past and Present”
Paul McCulley11/30/16“Trading Places in the Monetary-Fiscal Policy Mix”
Debbie Cunningham (Federated), Dave Fishman (GSAM), John Kodweis (JP Morgan)11/7/16Panel Discussion on Current Money Market Reforms
James Grant9/28/16
Robert Kaplan6/23/16 “A Discussion of Economic Conditions and the Role of Monetary Policy”
Brian Sack5/24/16
Patrick Harker3/22/16“Growth and the Role of Economic Policies”
James Bullard2/24/16“Imperatives for U.S. Monetary Policy Normalization”
Roger Lowenstein1/25/16“America’s Bank: The Epic Struggle to Create The Federal Reserve”
John Porter11/4/15“The Clear and Present Danger: Deflation or Inflation?”
Charles Calomiris10/19/15“Congressional Oversight of the Federal Reserve”
William Poole9/21/15“The Fed and the Real Rate of Interest”
Nathan Sheets7/23/15
Adam Sieminski6/22/15“Lower Oil Prices and the Energy Outlook”
Simon Potter4/15/15“Money Markets and Monetary Policy Normalization”
Malcolm Knight4/8/15
Andreas Dombret3/4/15“The euro area – where do we stand?”
Panel Discussion on Alternative Currencies and Payment Systems (Bitcoin and others)12/8/14
Loretta Mester11/6/14“Federal Reserve Communications and Forward Guidance”
Richard Berner10/16/14“Financial Stability: What You Should Worry About”
Jerome Powell9/4/14“Reforming U.S. Dollar LIBOR: The Path Forward”
Mark Kiesel6/19/14“Secular and Cyclical Investing”
Jeremy Stein5/6/14“Challenges for Monetary Policy Communication”
Charles Plosser3/25/14“Rules-Based Policy is Best Guidance”
John Williams2/19/14“Economic Conditions and Monetary Policy: A transitional Phase”
Jon Hilsenrath1/22/14
Simon Potter12/2/13“Recent Developments in monetary Policy Implementation”
Sir Mervyn King11/19/13“Challenges for the World Economy”
Richard Fisher10/15/13
Benoit Coeure9/26/13The usefulness of forward guidance
William Silber4/23/13VOLCKER: The Triumph of Persistence
Deborah A. Cunningham, CFA2/20/13Money Market Matters
Jeffrey Lacker9/18/12Maximum Employment and Monetary Policy
Charles Evans6/5/12Monetary Policy: Recurring Themes
Peter Fisher5/17/12A Still Uncertain World
Janet Yellen4/11/12The Economic Outlook and Monetary Policy
Dan Tapiero3/6/12The Role of Gold in a Sound Monetary Framework, the Interaction Between Physical Bullion and Money
Oliver Whelan and Rossa White1/26/12Speech Topic: National Treasury Management Agency’s Outlook for Ireland
Axel A. Weber10/25/11The Sovereign Debt Crisis: Challenges and Opportunities
William Poole, Dana Saporta, and Raymond Stone9/28/11US Monetary Policy — Masterful or Misguided?
Brian Sack7/20/11The SOMA Portfolio at $2.654 Trillion
Mark Zandi6/22/11Righting the Wrongs
James Bullard5/18/11Measuring Inflation: The Core Is Rotten
Anthony J. Crescenzi3/31/11Yucca Mountain
Sam Zell1/25/11The Economy
Elizabeth A. Duke10/19/10Come with Me to the FOMC
Nouriel Roubini9/23/10Are We Approaching a Dangerous Stall Speed? The State of the US and Global Economy
James Grant6/15/10Bonfire of the Currencies
Eric S. Rosengren5/5/10Considering the Routes to a Policy Destination
Paul A. McCulley3/25/10Reflections and Ruminations
Byron Wien1/20/10Surprises for 2010
Brian P. Sack12/2/09The Fed’s Expanded Balance Sheet
Daniel K. Tarullo11/9/09Financial Regulation: Past and Future
Henry Kaufman10/13/09Challenges Confronting Monetary Policy
Nouriel Roubini9/15/09Economic Outlook and Perspectives
Kenneth E. Volpert6/24/09The “New Normal” for the Credit Markets
Charles I. Plosser5/21/09A Perspective on the Outlook, Output Gaps, and Price Stability
Robert J. Barbera4/28/09Minsky and Monetary Policy when the Funds Rate is at Zero
Paul A. McCulley3/19/09Playing Solitaire with a 51-Card Deck
Thomas Gallagher1/13/09’08 was the Reverse of ’80 — Turning Points in the US Political Economy
Kevin M. Warsh11/6/08The Promise and Peril of the New Financial Architecture
Ethan Harris10/14/08Bernanke, Bubbles and Bailouts
Richard W. Fisher9/25/08Responding to Turbulence (With Reference to Bob Dylan, Alan Brooke, Washington Irving, Anna Fisher and Marcus Nadler)
Martin Feldstein††5/14/08Challenges Facing the US Economy
Mohamed A. El-Erian4/10/08Navigating Market Turmoil: The Do’s and Don’ts
Sandra Pianalto3/5/08Outlook for the Economy and Inflation
Greg Ip1/16/08What are they talking about? Understanding the Bernanke Fed
Paul A. McCulley11/15/07A Reverse Minsky Journey
Otmar Issing†10/9/07The Central Bank and Financial Markets — Some Reflections
Frederic S. Mishkin9/10/07The U.S. Economic Outlook
Jeffrey M. Lacker5/22/07The Inflation Outlook
Janet L. Yellen4/26/07Prospects for the U.S. Economy
Peter R. Fisher3/8/07Getting No Respect: The American Consumer and the US Dollar
John B. Taylor1/11/07Global Financial Warriors: An Untold Story of Crisis, Contagion, and Reform
John H. Makin12/5/06Has the U.S. Economy Become Self-Stabilizing?
William J. McDonough11/1/06World Capital Flows: Can They and Should They Be Sustained?
Donald L. Kohn10/4/06Economic Outlook
Randal K. Quarles5/9/06No title
Paul A. McCulley2/27/06Musings on Inflation Targeting
Richard F. Syron1/24/06Freddie’s Mac’s Role in the Capital Markets
Alan S. Blinder11/15/05Apres Moi…?: The Fed After Greenspan
Finn E. Kydland†10/20/05Receiving The Money Marketeers of New York University Distinguised Achievement Award
Maria Bartiromo5/10/05The Buzz on the Economy and the Labor Market
Sandra Pianalto4/19/05Expectations, Communications, and Monetary Policy
Richard W. Peach2/23/05Is There a Housing Bubble?
Cathy E. Minehan11/30/04No title
Peter G. Peterson11/9/04No title
Willem F. Duisenberg†5/18/04Introduction by E. Gerald Corrigan, Managing Director of Goldman Sachs, Fmr President, of the FRBNY
Paul A. McCulley4/26/04A Brave New World
Dr. Jürgen Stark2/25/04Economic Perspectives in the Euro Area and Germany
James Grant12/3/03Credit Up on a Diving Board
Timothy S. Bitsberger11/6/03No title
Dr. Robert D. McTeer, Jr.10/7/03No title
Laurence H. Meyer10/5/03Former Member of Board of Governors of Federal Reserve System
Anthony M. Santomero6/10/03No title
Stanley Fischer†5/6/03Distinguished Achievement Award Honoree
Robert A. Kavesh4/15/03What Goes Around, Comes Around…Or Does It
Ben S. Bernanke2/3/03No title
Greg Valliere12/3/02Potential Policy Changes After the Regime Change in Washington
Arminio Fraga Neto10/17/02No title
Otmar Issing9/30/02The Euro and the ECB Experience and Perspectives
Donald Kohn†6/6/0232 Years of Monetary Policy – Some Lessons Learned
R. Glenn Hubbard3/26/02The Road to a Quality Economic Recovery
Dino Kos2/5/02The Interplay of Markets and the Fed’s Market Operations
Edwin M. Truman†12/10/01No title
Edward M. Gramlich6/12/01National Saving and Treasury Debt
E. Gerald Corrigan4/4/01No title
Edward M. Gramlich3/6/01The Productivity Growth Spurt
Steven K. Beckner2/6/01No title
Daniel E. Sichel10/26/00Information Technology & Economic Growth
Thomas Hoenig9/19/00No title
Michael J. Prell†6/6/00The 24th Annual Distinguished Achievement Award
Martin N. Baily4/27/00Sustaining the Longest Expansion
James W. Toffey3/29/00Shaping the Future of Fixed-Income E-Commerce
Mark Gertler1/24/00Sustaining the Longest Expansion
Peter R. Fisher12/1/99The Money Market and the Century Date Change
Robert J. Shiller11/4/99Irrational Exuberance in the US Market
William Poole9/21/99Real Interest Rates
William J. McDonough†6/22/99Introduction by Henry Kaufman
Gary Burtless5/3/99Privatizing Social Security
Roger W. Ferguson, Jr.2/25/99The New Financial Architecture
David W. Glenn1999
Mervyn A. King1999
Wayne D. Angell1998
Jacob Frenkel1998
Jack Guynn1998
Hassanali Mehran1998
Alice M. Rivlin†1998
John B. Taylor1998
Byron R. Wein1998
Joseph C. K. Yam1998
Richard M. Kelly1997
Allan H. Meltzer†1997
Laurence H. Meyer1997
Frederic S. Mishkin1997
Edmund S. Phelps1997
Paul A. Volcker††1997
Edward I. Altman1996
Stephen E. Bell1996
John M. Berry1996
Peter R. Fisher1996
Lyle E. Gramley†1996
Stephen Moore1996
Robert M. Solow1996
Richard F. Syron1996
Barry Bosworth1995
Christine M. Cumming1995
James Grant1995
Henry Kaufman1995
Yasushi Mieno†1995
Cathy E. Minehan1995
Stephen H. Axilrod1994
Alan S. Blinder1994
Ray C. Fair1994
Alexandre Lamfalussy†1994
William J. McDonough1994
Stanley Collender1993
Benjamin Friedman1993
Gerd Hausler1993
Susan M. Phillips1993
Lewis S. Ranieri1993
Neal M. Soss†1993
Sam Y. Cross†1992
Lyle E. Gramley1992
Jerry L. Jordan1992
David W, Jr. Mullins1992
Jerome H. Powell1992
Nicholas P. Sargen1992
Toyoo Gyohten1991
Thomas S. Johnson1991
Fabian Linden1991
Robert B, Jr. O’Brien1991
Karl Otto Pohl†1991
Edward V. Regan1991
Lawrence H. Summers1991
E. Gerald Corrigan†1990
W. Lee Hoskins1990
Edward S. Hyman1990
Judith Mackey1990
Stephen S. Roach1990
Gary H. Stern1990
Robert A. Brusca1989
Martin Feldstein†1989
H. Erich Heinemann1989
H. Robert Heller1989
Milton W. Hudson1989
Henry Kaufman1989
Jeffrey R. Leeds1989
Yoshindo Takahashi1989
Heiko H. Thieme1989
Pete V. Domenici1988
Manuel H. Johnson1988
Lawrence Kudlow1988
Leonard J. Santow1988
Peter D. Sternlight†1988
Michael H. Wilson1988
Albert Wojnilower1988
James Grant1987
Robert D. Hormats1987
David M. Jones1987
Alan C. Lerner1987
Kit McMahon1987
Arnold X. Moskowitz1987
Robert H. Ried1987
Anthony M. Solomon†1987
David Stockman1987
Robert Waill1987
Stephen H. Axilrod1986
C. Fred Bergstein1986
Gail Fosler1986
Lyle E. Gramley1986
Alan Greenspan†1986
J. Anthony Boekh1985
Lacy Hunt1985
Lawrence Kudlow1985
Frank Morris1985
Henry Wallich†1985
Peter L. Bernstein1984
Martin D. Sass1984
Allen Sinai1984
Anthony M. Solomon1984
Gary Wenglowski1984
Albert Wojnilower†1984
William F. Ford1983
Alan C. Lerner1983
Preston Martin1983
Rudolph G. Penner1983
Robert V. Roosa†1983
Leonard J. Santow1983
Walter B. Wriston1983
J. Richard Zecher1983
William M. Isaac1982
Donald E. Maude1982
Leo Melamed1982
Albert T. Sommers1982
Paul A. Volcker†1982
Joseph Bench1981
Leon G. Cooperman1981
Lawrence J. Geraghty1981
H. Erich Heinemann1981
Henry Kaufman†1981
Bruce K. MacLaury1981
William L. Silber1981
Robert C. Holland1980
David M. Jones1980
Irwin L. Kellner1980
Stephen C. Bartow1979
Hubert Baschnagel1979
Robert Butler1979
David M. Darst1979
Otto Emminger†1979
Ronald W. Forbes1979
Robert G. Hawkins1979
John G. Heimann1979
David M. Jones1979
Francis H. M. Kelly1979
Alan C. Lerner1979
Allan H. Meltzer1979
J. Charles Partee1979
Eugene J. Sherman1979
Geoffrey Bell1978
Eugene Birnbaum1978
Monte J. Gordon1978
H. Erich Heinemann1978
Arthur Levitt†1978
Elliott Platt1978
Robert H. Ried1978
Lawrence A. Veit1978
Robert A. Gerard1977
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Pierre-Paul Schweitzer†1977
Ben Weberman1977
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Ernesto F. Hurtado1976
Jerry L. Jordan1976
Paul S. Nadler1976
William Seidman1976
William E. Simon†1976
Abraham D. Beam1975
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Robert B. Baldwin1974
John R. Evans1974
Robert M. Gardiner1974
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A. James Meighs1974
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A. (Tom) W. Clausen1973
Tilford C. Gaines1973
Paul Judy1973
Paul Miller1973
Henry Kaufman1972
Bruce K. MacLaury1972
Paul A. Volcker1972
John R. Bunting1971
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David P. Eastburn1970
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Alan R. Holmes1969
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Darryl R. Francis1968
Tilford C. Gaines1968
Sidney Homer1967
Robert V. Roosa1967
Stanley S. Surrey1967
Guy E. Noyes1966
Roy L. Reierson1966
Pierre Rinfret1966
Alfred Hayes1965

Received the Distinguished Achievement Award
†† Received the Lifetime Achievement Award